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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

While translation services are growing in popularity today to meet the overwhelming needs of businesses across all industry domains, legal translation is one of the arenas that call for a special skill and experience. We offer the complete range of online and offline translation services to our business clients. We are highly preferred by our customers for all kinds of translation services. Here are top reasons why we are the right choice for legal translation.
A tricky domain

Legal translation is a highly challenging and tricky domain. Especially in the field of law, words matter a lot. Every single word must be handled with enough care so that we do not drive a different message. Therefore mere language fluency and vocabulary will not suffice accomplishing legal translations perfectly. A special kind of expertise is required in the field combined with the experience of having worked with several challenging legal translation projects. Hence, we have always explored the ways to develop our capabilities in this arena and be the most trusted sources for legal translation.
Our team
We have a wonderful team of professionals who can deliver quality results with regard to legal translation. Our team members have worked with high end legal translation projects for our clients and are hence highly familiar with the nuances of legal translation. They know how to approach the legal translation and see to that the results delivered are highly accurate and the most reliable.
Our pricing
We always charge the right prices from our clients. We definitely have a customer friendly pricing policy and never tax our customers unnecessarily with unexpected charges. All our pricing happens in the most transparent manner and we help our customers save on the costs of their legal translation projects.
Our delivery timeline
We have a definite delivery timeline. We always know that translation services are crucial and need to be delivered in time so that the business processes are not affected the continuity is ensured. Often a delay will mean a financial loss or even a loss of business. Therefore we always take care that the projects are delivered within the stipulated time.
Professional working model
Right from the initial discussion, through the process of translation and delivery, we always follow a professional working model. Our customer friendly policies make us the best choice assuring the best practices in the industry combined with the best quality services at the most affordable prices. Therefore you will always find us the best choice with regard to legal translation services.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

The age of information technology has advanced the communication channels and a vast amount of information from every corner of the world is shared with the rest of the world on a daily basis. There is an intense activity of information sharing in every sphere of human activity. Some of the prominent industries that make use of the translations services include tourism, business, science and technology, literature and many others. In order to reach out the international community, businesses and organisations are looking forward to expert translation services more than ever.
Why look for online translator
The World Wide Web is today a repository of a huge volume of information. It is an incredible medium to communicate to your near and dear ones and also to exchange professional and business related information. Also, you can reach the global community living in any part of the world by posting articles, information blogs and other information that is personal, official and literary oriented. Language skills are rather highly professional.
Experience is a must
To be able to have the required expertise in a given language, a person must have the necessary training, skills and an experience of having worked with some high end translation projects. When you have a need for translation services, it is necessary that you get in touch with an accomplished online translator who can produce an accurate, appealing and dependable output irrespective of what you are posting or sharing.
The qualities of a good English translator
English is the language of international communication today. However, there are several regional variations of English. The person translating a piece of information in English must be proficient in the language to be able to deliver an error free, unambiguous, precise and grammatical content in English. When the translation service involves another language, it is necessary for the translator to be equally proficient in the other language too. Therefore translation is a highly challenging arena even for expert language professionals.
Choose the right translation firm

Today businesses and organisations have access to large number of translation firms. However, it is important that you choose the right firm with a good track record. A professionally managed translation firm will have the right kind of manpower that can deliver quality results. While it is essential to ensure accuracy in the content you communicate, you must ensure the standards of the translated work by entrusting the job to a good English translator.  

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Al Maany Translation Services is a foundation that built on a successful track record in providing high level translation and interpreting services. With the years of experience, the team has delivered more than 3000 projects. Our team can provide translation and interpreting services in education, healthcare, hospitality, media, banking sector and many more industries.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Globalisation of every sphere of human activity has created an immense need for translation services more than any time in the past. People are now sharing a vast amount of information treasured in every language with the human population speaking other languages. Therefore, language is today no barrier to learning information today. Whether it is business, arts, literature, science and technology or other fields, good translation is the key to sharing information online and offline. To be able to communicate the required message clearly without cultural barriers and to avoid the pitfalls like ambiguity or misunderstanding, businesses and organisations need the assistance of reliable and accomplished translation services.
Arabic To English Translation today
Arabic speaking countries are today hubs of an intense business activity. Arabic is a classical language and it is a rich store house of a voluminous fund of literature in every known category. Therefore there is a vast growing need for Arabic to English translation Dubai services. There are many translation companies in the region that offer professional translation services for businesses in all industry domains. However, considering the importance of an error free and accurate translation, businesses need to hire the right agency for their translation needs.
The Characteristics Of Good Translation
A good piece of translation is not just the delivery of information from the source language to the target language. Translation must take into account the kind of grammar and current trends in language usage of the target language. The person translating the text from one language to another must be equally proficient in both the languages to be able to deliver a quality job. The reader in the target language must feel at home while reading the translated text. Therefore several ends have to be taken into account for achieving a good translation.
Our Translation Services

One of the foremost advantages of our Arabic to English translation services Dubai is that we enjoy a very long presence in the industry having accomplished a vast number of translation projects for our clients from diverse industry domains. Whether it is business translation or legal translation or medical translation or literary translation, we have been able to show equal amount of proficiency in every job that we can deliver our clients. Our team of translation professionals has an admirable track record demonstrating excellence in their delivery. Call us for all your translation needs and we will let you know why we are the best in the industry.  

Friday, 20 January 2017

Over the past decade, the crucial need for professional translation services has phenomenally grown across the word in all sectors of life. This is the case especially when human activity has crossed over geographical borders and has brought them on a common platform for exchange and sharing of ideas and information. While goods and services across most industry segments can be discommoded, translation service is something that cannot be done so. In order that translation serves the intended purpose and is free of any errors, we need to ensure that translation services offered professionally must take into account several important aspects as well go through several systematic processes to be delivered in the most perfect manner. Here are the ways in which translated piece of information is processed in the most meticulous manner by our firm.  
The importance of processes
Whether it is the question of translation projects or interpreting services or voice over assignments, the content should never be sent to production without successfully passing through the pre-project processes and the superior kind of strategies involved so that the translation is error free and is of high standard. We know this and always ensure that this happens with every project that we undertake and that is why we are considered a distinguished agency for a highly reliable kind of translation services that our clients seek from us.
The importance of planning
Like any other discipline, translation is a highly skilled, professional and tricky art. Depending on the nature of the project, the nature of the content, the content domain, the intention behind the delivery and the expectations of the client, we need to do a meticulous planning before the project starts. The importance of project preparation should never be underestimated or done in a careless or poor manner, which would ultimately ruin the very purpose of translation impinging on the quality rendered. A meticulous planning can rule out the instances of errors in translations and ensure that the desired quality is achieved and delivered successfully to the clients, best suiting their purpose and intention. We are very particular regarding the quality of the translated content we deliver and in this regard, we are always willing to go that extra mile to see that we show an uncompromising excellence in what we give our clients.

Our policies and ways of operation
We always go by the policies that will best address the needs of our customers in the best manner possible. We have a professional working model. In the initial stage of every translation in Dubai project, we sit with our clients to very well understand their needs and expectations. Then we fine tune the processes to accommodate their intended purposes. In the second place, we charge the most reasonable amount of the client projects in the industry and also strictly adhere to the timeline. We always wish to establish a long term relationship with our clients and therefore would assure the quality and pricing in the best interest of our clients. Therefore ourtranslation office in Dubai is always approached by serious minded people who want a quality translation.