Monday, 10 October 2016

Understanding the Difference between Translation and Interpretation

Understanding the Difference between Translation and Interpretation

What is translation?

Translation services are highly in demand to take a given piece of content across to the audience of a different language or a different understanding level. During this information age huge volume of content from different domains of life is delivered in translated formats across the globe on a daily basis. Translation services in Dubai delivers translation services in different levels to suit a variety of requirements. When it comes to plain translation, the task before a translation company in Dubai is to deliver the source content in the target language without working in any way on the content. In this service, the content does not undergo any alteration whatsoever.

What is Interpretation?

Interpretation service approaches working with the content in a different level.Usually interpretation is sought after by the audience who feel the given source content is tough to understand and some explanations and perspectives added to the translation would render it better to be understood easily. Therefore, a translation office Abu Dhabi would need to work extensively on the source content while attempting an interpretation. In this regard, not only the knowledge of the language, but also the knowledge of the subject dealt with in the content.

How is translation done?

Translation can be accomplished by language professionals with a bilingual knowledge of the source content and the target content. Translation services in Dubai has got a team of accomplished language experts who can deliver the translation as per the client requirements without affecting the quality of the delivery in any way by maintaining the originality of the source content as much as possible. Since the task of the translation company in Dubai is something very important, translation services are attempted with utmost care to see that the content is precisely taken across over the target language in a meticulous manner. 

Meeting the client requirements

Translation Abu Dhabi services are offered in a way perfectly suiting the client requirements. In the first place, a detailed discussion with the client on the requirement is done to finalize the right strategy to be adopted in translation or interpretation. Translation Office Abu Dhabi is well equipped with a highly talented and resourceful team to approach interpretation in a much better way than its competitors. Having accomplished a wide range of translation and interpretation projects, we are better positioned to deal with them in the way it would suit the purpose of our esteemed clients. Therefore we have been able to create a niche in our domain for our operations.


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